How the CO2 Ampel helps attract customers to retail

Long queues at the checkout, dense crowd in the aisles, hectic bustle at the offer tables: In the past, such scenes were not uncommon in our supermarkets, hardware stores, drugstores or clothing stores, especially with sales or lucrative discount campaigns. In smaller shops such as bakeries, butchers, toy, book or flower shops, there were often many visitors.

But lots of people in a small space - this should be avoided at all costs in times of the corona pandemic, so that the virus does not spread as quickly. Keeping distance is the order of the day. As a result, many retailers had to temporarily close their stores.

The CO2 Ampel is an important part of a hygiene-concept

Infection protection is a top priority for retail in times of the corona pandemic. Every retailer must be able to present a hygiene concept and strictly ensure that the hygiene measures are implemented by the customers. These hygiene measures in retail, which are important for infection protection, mean a lot of effort for retailers on the one hand. On the other hand, they mean that many people prefer not to go shopping because they - despite the hygiene measures - are afraid for their health.

At this point, "The CO2 Ampel, that breathes" comes into play. The device can be easily integrated into any hygiene concept in retail. In addition to other measures such as keeping your distance, wearing face-to-face masks or disinfecting your hands, it is an important component in the hygiene concept. The CO2 Ampel constantly measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the sales area, which is an indication of the aerosol concentration; Aerosols are suspended particles that can transmit the coronavirus.

Psychological effect contributes a lot to the well-being of customers

If the indoor ventilation is good and the risk of infection is low, the CO2 Ampel lights up green. This clear signal gives customers a sense of security. It tells them: It’s safe to shop here. We don't have to be afraid of getting infected. This psychological effect contributes a lot to the wellbeing of customers and increases their willingness to buy.

If the amount of carbon dioxide in the room exceeds a critical value, the Ampel lights up yellow or red. The dealer or staff can then ventilate targeted areas and thus very effectively reduce the risk of infection. Ventilation as part of the hygiene measures is thus placed on a measurable basis. This is particularly important in winter because the salesrooms threaten to cool down if they are ventilated too often.

For the retail trade, the CO2 Ampel is an important tool in the hygiene concept to give customers a feeling of security. Coordinated with the other hygiene measures in retail, the CO2 Ampel opens up many possibilities to offer customers a largely carefree shopping experience even in times of the pandemic.

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