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Thanks to the CO2 Ampel: Green light for hairdressers

A visit to the hairdresser or barber is much more than just trimming a beard or cutting your hair. It’s a break in everyday life, a time out for body and soul. The customers can relax and let themselves be pampered. No wonder that the appointment at the barber or the hairdresser is a highlight for many people.

Clients unease

At least that's how it was before the Corona crisis. Since the virus has been rampant, many people are feeling uneasy. Further, closing down hairdressers is a hard blow for owners and staff as well as for customers.

In times when hairdressers and barbers are allowed to open, protection against infection and hygiene regulations are immensely important for customers to have a carefree and safe visit. The list of measures is long: Appointments are only available after registration to regulate customer flows; wearing masks is mandatory; hands must be disinfected when entering.

The CO2 Ampel alerts when it’s time to ventilate

Regular and efficient ventilation is a very important element in the context of hygiene measures to protect against infection. But in the autumn and winter months, it quickly becomes cold and uncomfortable when windows and doors are constantly opened. The breathing CO2 Ampel clearly alerts with its light when it is necessary to ventilate. The CO2 Ampel constantly determines the CO2 level in the room and presents this value very clearly - with the three colours that everybody already knows from traffic lights.

If the Ampel is green, everyone in the hairdressing salon knows: Everything is fine, everybody is safe. A feeling that is psychologically more valuable than ever, especially in the uncertain times of a pandemic. Employees can go about their work with peace of mind and customers can enjoy themselves. If the colour is yellow, caution is required. Red indicates that there are too many aerosols in the salon and that it must be ventilated immediately. The Ampel, therefore, specifies when and how long the room needs to be ventilated - and thus prevents customers from having to freeze through unnecessarily opened windows. This also saves heating costs and is better for the environment.

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