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CO2 secures the Feel-Good feeling in the hotel

The coronavirus poses major challenges for the hotel industry. The travel restrictions caused problems for the industry several times in the crisis year 2020. And even in times without official regulations, many people didn't feel like staying in a hotel. The losses in the tourism sector led to collapsing sales figures. Many hotels, therefore, expanded their range and developed complex concepts in order to be able to maintain operations.

Overall, there are few industries that have invested so much effort in creating hygiene concepts and implementing hygiene regulations as the hotel industry. One-way street systems have been installed in many buildings to ensure social distancing. Open buffets have been replaced by table service, and disinfectant dispensers were set up in the entrance area and in common rooms. The guest rooms are disinfected by the staff very laboriously. And of course, the wearing of masks in hotels is mandatory for staff and visitors.

CO2 Ampel dissolves the dilemma

Ventilation is another major issue, especially in the common rooms, in order to ensure protection against infection. However, especially in the cold season, this often collides with the wishes of guests who want a comfortable room temperature in the hotel and do not want to freeze. At the same time, they attach great importance to infection protection and hygiene measures.

In this apparent dilemma, the CO2 Ampel can provide valuable services. The CO2 Ampel permanently measures the carbon dioxide content in the air. This is an indicator of the aerosols that can transmit the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus. If the CO2 concentration which is constantly measured by the sensor exceeds a critical value, the CO2 Ampel first lights up yellow and then finally red - at the latest now it is time to open the window.

Happy guest due to the CO2 Ampel

With its permanent measurements, the CO2 Ampel enables targeted and effective ventilation - unlike rigid ventilation rules. Hotel rooms and meeting rooms don't cool down, guests don't have to freeze and still enjoy the best protection against infection. This also prevents headaches and loss of concentration as possible side effects of poor air quality. The CO2 Ampel also makes work easier for the staff and eliminates the occasional questions whether it is really necessary to ventilate.

In addition, and this is an extremely important point in the uncertain times of the corona pandemic: the protection against infection is clearly visible to hotel guests. Visitors can feel safe and comfortable. The hotel hosts/hostesses benefit from this because happy guests who feel at home come back and recommend a hotel to others.

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