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The CO2 Ampel ensures infection protection and security in the office

Somehow you miss them, the co-workers from the office. Many people have had this experience in the past few months. In the wake of the corona pandemic, many workplaces have moved from the shared office to the home office. From the point of view of infection protection, this has many advantages. On the other hand, many employees miss social contact with their colleagues. Short communication lines across the desks are no longer possible, which often complicates everyday work. In addition, there are some appointments where physical presence is very beneficial. In the on-site meeting, for example, new ideas come up more easily through social interaction than in the online conference.

The CO2 Ampel clearly shows the surroundings needs to be ventilated

Many companies have therefore started to develop hybrid forms between home-office and face-to-face work for their workplaces. Of course, they always have to keep an eye on infection protection and develop hygiene concepts. The office is a place with an increased risk of infection - like any closed room where several people come together- the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can spread quickly via aerosols that are in the air for a long time. In addition to other hygiene measures such as keeping your distance, follow hygiene measures and wear a mask, offices and conference rooms must be ventilated regularly.
But: When and at what intervals do the windows have to be opened? There is often disagreement among employees about this question in everyday office life - especially in winter when cold air flows in through the windows. This is why many companies have been very successful with the CO2 Ampel. With its active sensor, the CO2 Ampel permanently measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the room, which enables conclusions to be drawn about the aerosol concentration, and interprets the values. If a threshold value is exceeded, the Ampel first lights up yellow and then red. The clear signal to act: we must open the windows!

The CO2 Ampel promotes concentration and efficiency

Because the CO2 Ampel actively sucks in the air with its “breathing” sensor, it gives very timely warnings and thus contributes to a lower risk of infection. The CO2 Ampel gives people in the office some sense of security. You don't have to worry about a possible infection, you can concentrate fully on your work. Keyword concentration: Because a high carbon dioxide content can cause headaches and loss of concentration as a side effect of poor air quality. The CO2 Ampel effectively counteracts this. Employers who use the CO2 Ampel are not only doing something good to protect their employees from infection but also actively promote their ability to concentrate and perform.

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