The smart CO2 monitor


The smart CO2 monitor

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Infection protection thanks to Conny, the CO2 monitor

Co2Ampel Conny CO2 monitor traffic light

CO2 "traffic light" indicates high aerosole levels

People increase their risk of contracting Corona virus by staying in closed, poorly ventilated locations. This is because the virus is mainly transmitted via aerosols in the air.

Conny, the breathing CO2 monitor actively warns, when critical threshold values are exceeded. By permanently "breathing in" and measuring the surrounding air, Conny is able to issue a timely ventilation reminder to reduce the risk of infection. Conny helps you to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This is how our CO2 Traffic Light is able to provide a feeling of safety and confidence among the people in the room. This is especially important in times of uncertainty during the Corona pandemic.

Conny at a glance

Advantages of monitoring air quality through Conny

Conny creates confidence and trust

When the CO2 traffic light shows green it is obvious: the risk of infection in the room is low so that nobody needs to worry about their health. The psychological impact on people in the room is considerable – in class rooms as well as in retail stores, hospitality industry (HORECA) or hairdresser's shops.

Documentation and digital alerts

Conny is integrated in a cloud application. Measuring data of the CO2 monitor can thereby be documented and analysed. It helps users to optimise ventilation in the room. When power supply is interrupted or threshold values are exceeded, Conny informs by email or push notifications.


Breathing sensor for effective ventilation

With its breathing sensor Conny constantly and actively measures the CO2 level in the room. The CO2 traffic light alerts with an acoustic and a visual signal, when there is need for ventilation. Effective ventilation saves on energy and costs for heating - and above that prevents people from feeling cold.

Threshold values can be adapted

If recommended threshold values for CO2 concentrations change or regulations might be sharpened, the CO2 monitor Conny can easily be adjusted to new values. That means, users are prepared for potential new regulations.

CO2 monitor for professional use

The smart way to monitor and manage indoor air quality and reduce the risk of airborne infections

Fixed ventilation schedules are insufficient. CO2 monitoring shows when ventilation is necessary. Plug in Conny and start measuring CO2 concentration immediately! Install the smartphone app free of charge for advanced configuration options.

The simple display is part of Conny's success: traffic light colours are easily understood and confusion and misinterpretation is avoided. Above that, Conny is smart and connected. Activate the Wi-Fi connection for wireless remote control and configuration and the cloud based management dashboard.

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CO2 Ampel in der Schule
CO2 Ampel im Kindergarten
Infektionsschutz in Friseursalons

Discover Conny

CO2 monitor Conny - The advantages

Areas of application for Conny

at school, in class rooms, common rooms, or canteen

in kindergarten, play school, and care facilities

at the hairdresser's or other close contact services

in retail stores and shops

in the hospitality industry / HORECA (hotes, restaurants, cafés)

in universities / academic institutes

in colleges, educational institutions, private schools

in churches and religious communities

at civil services, government agencies, courts

for companies, in offices and meeting rooms

Confidence and trust

Conny provides additional safety indoors, whenever people gather in closed rooms. The light signal is unambiguous and everyone can assure themselves that air quality is looked after. Proper ventilation is vital to keep CO2 concentration low. With Conny, you show your compliance with regulatory thresholds.

Data logging and hygiene reports

You can analyse and report exact measured values through the app and the online dashboard, e.g. for documentation purposes. The cloud application allows you to manage all your devices and to be informed about the status of any Conny CO2 metre at any time. Above that, Conny can be used to control ventilation systems, air purifiers (e.g. UVC air cleaners, HEPA filter systems), or electric window openers, based on the measured CO2 concentration.

More control and safety with the CO2 monitor dashboard

Conny CO2 monitor traffic light

The CO2 monitor dashboard provides users with a convenient overview and management console of their CO2 monitor devices. It is especially suited for users who operate several Conny CO2 metres.

Ranging from schools, offices, administration, restaurants, hotels or care facilities: the dashboard provides additional control and confidence. It can also be displayed on a Smart TV. That allows you to visualise the current state of measurements to people in publicly accessible spaces and to demonstrate how you are effectively taking measures to keep them safe and prevent the spread of Corona virus.

Simple and Smart

Easy installation and setup

  • Plug in Conny and start measuring CO2 concentration immediately
  • Install smartphone app for advanced configuration

Simple display

  • Traffic light colours are easily understood
  • Avoids confusion and misinterpretation

Smart and connected

  • Wi-Fi connection for wireless remote control and configuration
  • Smartphone app & cloud integration available
CO2 Ampel-Signalfarben

Better air quality – better infection prevention

Perspicuous light signal

  • Green good air quality, low infection risk
  • Amber rising CO2 level – ventilation recommended
  • Red high CO2 level, high risk of potentially infective aerosols – ventilate immediately

Threshold values can be adapted, according to local regulatory guidelines

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