Infection prevention thanks to CONNY

CO2 Ampel warns of aerosols

When people are in an enclosed space, their risk of becoming infected with the Corona virus increases. This is because the virus is transmitted, among other things, via aerosols in the air. Conny, the breathing CO2 Ampel , actively warns when threshold values are exceeded.

By permanent breathing measurements and a timely ventilation notice, Conny reduces the risk of infection. In this way, CO2 Ampel creates safety and trust among the people in the room, which is vitally important in the uncertain times of the Corona pandemic.

This distinguishes CONNY

CO2 Ampel CONNY offers users many advantages

CONNY creates security and trust

When the CO2 Ampel is green, it is clear: the risk of infection in the room is low, no one has to worry about their health. The psychological effect for the people in the room is immense - in the classroom as well as in the store, restaurant or hair salon.

Documentation and digital notifications

Conny is integrated into a cloud. This allows the measured values of the CO2 Ampel to be documented and evaluated. The user can thereby optimize their ventilation behavior. If the power fails or a threshold value is exceeded, Conny informs by e-mail or push notification.

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Breathing sensor for effective ventilation

With its breathing sensor, Conny permanently and actively measures the CO2 content in the room. The CO2 Ampel gives acoustic and visual warning signals when ventilation is needed. Effective ventilation prevents freezing of people in the room, saving energy and heating costs.

Threshold modification possible

If the recommended thresholds of the CO2 concentration change and the guidelines are tightened, for example, the CO2 Ampel Conny can be easily adapted to the new values. The user is therefore prepared for possible new regulations.

Application areas

CO2 Ampel CONNY brings safety in these application areas

Wherever people are in an enclosed space, CO2 Ampel Conny ensures a healthy air climate and effective protection against infection. Click through possible areas of application:

Large customers - References


Jörg Papenkort, Head of Facility Management District of Viersen

Public administration
employs around 1,200 employees

"We use the CO2 Ampel in our Open Space office and meeting rooms. So far, our experience with them has been very good. In addition, the schools under our sponsorship are equipped with the CO2 Ampel - they have also proven their worth there."


Verena Birnbacher, Managing Director Lebenshilfe Oberhausen

Integration assistance
In the workshops of Lebenshilfe Oberhausen about 900 people
with and without disabilities work together at 4 main locations and 3 field sites

"Above all, we were convinced by the simple operation and the self-explanatory color coding. A traffic light system is also familiar to most people with cognitive impairments."


Discrict town Forchheim

The city of Forchheim is a large district town under the activity field of public administration
Employs around 530 staff.


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