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The CO2 Ampel supports infection protection in public administration and civil services

The government agencies and civil servants are responsible for the community running smoothly: public administration, ministries and authorities which are essential for the state. This is especially important during the corona-pandemic. At the beginning of the crisis, the authorities proved, on different levels, to be reliable for the pubic even in hard times. They are a decisive factor, for governmental aid to reach people in need quickly and non-bureaucratically.

As in many different social areas, the pandemic caused a digital boost in public administrations. At the same time, it has become obvious that many tasks cannot be translated into the home office. Due to this, public administrations have taken many steps, to ensure infection protection. Work-processes are adjusted and re-organised for employees. For example, co-workers are spatially separated in the offices.

With an increasing CO2-concentration, the infection risk increases

Besides social distancing, masks and hygienic measures, ventilation plays a critical part to lower the infection risk in offices. This is the case wherever places are open to the public: for example, city offices or courtrooms, where often many people have to come together. In all these areas it is vital to ventilate on a regular and especially effective basis. Through effective ventilation, the infection risks for the Corona-virus SARS-CoV2 via aerosols which are admitted during talking, sneezing, breathing or coughing, is decreased. These liquid-particles which carry the virus can be present in the air for a long time.

When many people reside in a closed room for a prolonged time, for example in meeting rooms or offices, the infection risk via aerosols increases. The solution: ventilation, ventilation, ventilation. In this way, the CO2-concentration in the room decreases – and with that the concentration of aerosols and the infection risk. Still, to keep the temperatures in the room on a pleasant level and prevent frostbites, it is necessary to effectively ventilate at the right time.

Ventilate effectively with the sensing CO2 Ampel

When is the best time to open the windows – and how to ventilate effectively? The CO2 Ampel can help to answer these questions. It measures the CO2 concentration in a room and with that the aerosol concentration.

The measuring device offers an effective and simple solution: The red light warns everybody in the room and demands a reaction from the present people. When the yellow light of the CO2 Ampel is on, it is necessary to exercise caution. Once the green light is on – all is clear, nobody is in danger.

In summary, the CO2 Ampel decreases the infection risk and it gives people a higher sense of security. No one is going to get frostbite due to constantly and unnecessarily open windows in winter - which also saves heating costs and is better for the environment. The reduction of the CO2-concentration further prevents headaches and loss of concertation, symptoms, which are very common after long workdays in closed rooms.

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