The CO2-Ampel brings security to church

For many, it is a place of refuge, faith, hope and peace: The believers find support in their lives when they go to church. They go there to find peace, to pray, to have time to themselves and their thoughts. Attending church services gives many believers structure and gives them a sense of community that carries them through everyday life. This also applies to mosques, synagogues or prayer houses of other religions.

Like any spaces where many people gather, churches are potentially dangerous places in times of pandemic. The coronavirus is distributed via the aerosols - the finest air particles that can carry the viruses. Above all, while singing and praying together, the believers in the church emit aerosols. Therefore, the risk of becoming infected with SARS-CoV2 is very high. What exacerbates the problem is the demographic structure of the believers. Many of them belong to the at-risk group because they are older.

Social distancing and singing-bans

During the lockdown, attending church services was temporarily prohibited. A bitter experience for believers - keeping your distance is especially difficult for people who care about a sense of community. As inventive as the congregations and the believers were in the days of closed churches, they were just as happy when the churches reopened.

Since then, hygiene measures and protection against infection have become an integral part of the churches to minimize the risk of infection and to prevent the emission of aerosols in the church. Keeping your distance, disinfecting your hands, wearing masks and a ban on singing are part of the hygiene measures that are standard in churches. Even so, many believers avoid going to church for fear of infection.

Alarm for efficient ventilation

The CO2 Ampel offers places of worship a solution and believers a perspective. The CO2 Ampel continuously measures the concentration of carbon dioxide in the church, which provides information about the concentration of the aerosols. If everything is good and there is no danger for the worshipers, it lights up green. If a threshold value is exceeded, the CO2 Ampel first jumps to yellow and finally to red - then ventilation is in order. Churches that work with the CO2 Ampel have had very positive experiences. The feedback from the church service attendees is that the CO2 Ampel gives them security and makes them feel comfortable. The CO2 Ampel also provides valuable services in the assembly rooms of the communities.

The CO2 Ampel provides security for the community

Usually, the CO2 Ampel is integrated into the WLAN and a cloud. This has the great advantage that, based on the collected and evaluated measurement data, valuable conclusions can be drawn about the ventilation-behaviour. In many churches, however, there is no WiFi. ISIS IC, the inventor and producer of the CO2 Ampel, therefore offers a connection to the CO2 Ampel via a mobile router. With the connection and the app, you can always check whether the devices are on or off and whether they are logged in. In addition, the threshold values can be checked and documentation can be called up without any problems.

These technical issues are probably not that important to most believers, but the fact that the CO2 Ampel helps to make churches and other places of worship a place of hope and contemplation, even in times of the pandemic, is very important for believers.

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