Teampicture from the ISIS-IC Team

About us

Behind the CO2 Ampel is the company ISIS IC GmbH from Wesel on the Lower Rhine region. ISIS IC was founded in 1999 by former teacher and IT lecturer Dirk Unsenos. The company offers products and development services in the areas of radio and mobile technology and assistance systems. Radio sensors and radio actuators are increasingly used in many areas of life, especially in home and building automation and in comfort solutions for the elderly and people in need of support. All developments from ISIS IC - from the CO2 Ampel to the HELIA® assistance systems pursue a mission: They should save lives through the use of technology and make everyday life easier for people.

The young ISIS IC team currently consists of 21 employees: It is international and multi- professional. It is made up of experts in the fields of electronics, software development, app development and cloud communication.

ISIS IC became known to a wider public through the CO2 Ampel. The CO2 Ampel, for which a patent is pending, was developed by Dirk Unsenos and his team. The handy device works with a precise and reliable sensor that automatically "inhales" the room air and continuously measures the CO2 concentration. This is a decisive indicator for the aerosol concentration and thus for the risk of infection by the coronavirus through SARS-CoV-2.As soon as thresholds are exceeded, the Ampel gives optical and acoustic warning signals and prompts you to ventilate. The CO2 Ampel is used in schools, agencies, churches, sports facilities, companies, in the catering industry, in service companies such as hairdressing salons, in doctor’s offices, hospitals or senior facilities where it reduces the risk of infection.

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