zur Minimierung des Infektionsrisikos über Aerosole (z.B. SARS-CoV-2)


zur Minimierung des Infektionsrisikos durch Aerosole (z.B. SARS-CoV-2)

The Problem

In order to reduce the risk of infection by aerosols, a well-founded scientific basis has been established. The main mode of transmission is known to be the “respiratory Ingestion of virus-containing liquid particles that occur when breathing, coughing, speaking and sneezing”(Robert Koch Institute 08/2020).

You can find more information about this on the homepage of the RKI SARS-CoV-2 Profile on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)..

The risk of infection is high in closed rooms that are often inadequately ventilated (offices, sports studios, theaters, schools, universities, etc.). People present in these rooms continuously release CO2 (carbon dioxide) and aerosols (liquid particles that can transmit infections) through breathing.

These aerosols and any viruses they may contain cannot be measured directly or seen by the naked eye. However, by measuring the amount of CO2 in the room, conclusions can be drawn about the aerosol concentration. To some extent, the risk of infection can be hypothesized. Further information can be found in this document, Risk assessment of virus-laden aerosols based on the CO2 concentration, by the Hermann Rietschel Institute Berlin.

Without adequate ventilation and temporarily leaving the room, the risk of infection is significantly high. Other health risks of an excessively high CO2 concentration and poor ventilation in the air we breathe include headaches and loss of concentration as side effects.

The use of air conditioning and ventilation systems is also observed critically in this context. Many “simpler” and “older” air conditioning systems can potentially become major carriers of infection. You can find more information about this in this article in German by Quarks under the link “Corona: Are air conditioning systems virus spinners?” (title translated).

Conclusion: It is significant to find out when the CO2 concentration and thus the risk from viruses exceeds a critical threshold.

How can the problem be solved?

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A solution that helps everyone: The breathing CO2-Ampel with reliable measurement and documentation

Together with scientists from ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as medicine, ISIS IC has implemented a traffic light function in extensive studies and developments that shows the current CO2 content in the room’s air, measured quickly and precisely. These measurement results are interpreted using WHO-compliant guidelines and displayed in 3 different colors, similar to the traffic lights functionality. “Good” air (<800 ppm CO2) is displayed in green. A higher reading that requires attention is shown in yellow and a red display warns when the room needs to be ventilated or vacated. The CO2-Ampel also provides reliable information to create healthier conditions for people in closed rooms and thus to reduce the risk of infection. Measurements can be documented and traced online. In addition, push notifications can be sent if the critical value is exceeded. For detailed information about the special features of the technology, please use the contact form.

As part of our pilot projects in schools, we have gathered important findings that are important for safety and acceptance for daily use in the classroom. At this point, many thanks to our school partners, especially to the AVG Wesel and the vocational college Wesel.

What should a CO2-Ampel be able to do for schools, customers and working spaces?

  • Representation of the critical threshold values in the room with large LEDs (green, yellow, red) that are visible from afar, no distractions, frequently changing numerical values

  • A sensor that actively inhales the ambient air and does not lose any time compared to passive CO2 sensors

  • Adaptation to humidity in dry heated air

  • High quality, durable and self-calibrating CO2 sensor

  • Online monitoring in the event of device failure (power loss) or threshold value excess

  • Possible control of HEPA filters in difficult ventilation conditions or when threshold values are exceeded

Characteristics of the CO2-Ampel

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Virus exposure

CO2-Ampel alerts based on the measured CO2 concentration when the air quality in the room air reaches a critical value. This indirectly reduces the risk of infection by viruses by improving the air you breathe through ventilation.

Easy and flexible installation

Thanks to the radio technology, the CO2 traffic light can easily be installed on any wall or ceiling. Only a power supply (socket) is required.

Precise and reliable

The CO2-Ampel uses a precise, reliable and powerful CO2 sensor that actively "inhales" the ambient air. This means that the room air does not have to be transported into the CO2-Ampel.

Monitoring and notification

In addition to the visual and acoustic alarm, monitoring via a web browser and user-defined digital notifications (via e-mail or push notification) are also available.

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